The Art Digger is not intended to be an exhaustive Blog or representative of anything. Is the result of my purpose, as a lover of art and especially painting, to share knowledge and what I consider “Good Art”. I have always believed that to understand about something you have to live it from within; in order to understand about painting you have to paint, even if you practice only the weekend. This Blog invites you to learn and practice painting. Live art from within, find yourself facing the same problems and the same universal questions that all artists do and, eventually find some answers.


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  1. Just discovered The Art Digger – brilliant, thank you.

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  2. Me ha gutadp mucho lo que he visto de la revista the art digger y me gustaría recibir actualizaciones

  3. Hola. Super buena iniciativa!! me ha gustado mucho , interesante y necesaria saludos y espero noticias de The Art Digger.

    Marcela Adasme
  4. Thanks a lot for this información .

    Julián marin olarte
  5. Amazing workshops- Would love to be added to your mailing list- thank you!

  6. Whoops I just unsubscribed by accident … need to submit again 🙂

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